Medical Billing

  • NDA with employees and clear contracts with out clients.
  • PHI not shared at any cost.
  • Dedicated staff to oversee compliance.
  • Written policies and procedures for privacy and security.
  • Pre-defined Medical coding and billing integrity policy for transparency.
  • Training on the pre-defined policies.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Client specific dash boards for instant monitoring and quality measures.
  • Medical Billing

  • Biometric driven electronic access with limited access to the facility.
  • 24×7 CCTV monitoring and recording of the entire premises.
  • No electronic gadgets allowed inside work area including mobiles and pen drives.
  • Systematic shedding of hard copies along with a log.
  • Medical Billing

  • Limited access to the Internet and monitoring of internet activities.
  • All digital media devices have been disabled on production systems.
  • No email or printout of PHI information.
  • Dedicated VPN tunnel client systems in the US.
  • You will have an account manager all to yourself. Therefore, you’ll deal with ONE person to address any questions or concerns.

    Receive professional patient statements at your convenience.

    Become more efficient, productive and eliminate wasted expense.