MindGenix Pricing

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1 Real time patient insurance eligibility
2 Charges for all patient encounters (Office, Hospital, Nursing Home, etc…)
3 Processing of primary, secondary, and tertiary claims both electronic and paper as required
4 Review and scrub all claims for accuracy of data received
5 Ensure claims are accepted at the clearing house and at the payor in a timely manner
6 Manage all denials and accuracy of allowed amount payments where contract information is available
7 Manage all claim appeals with payors
8 All electronic and paper insurance payments and adjustments
9 Manage Insurance Accounts Receivable to ensure timely payment from payors. All claims over 60 days from initial submission and worked weekly
10 Generation of patient statements for mailing
11 Apply patient payments to accounts
12 Process patient accounts for collection agency follow up
13 Reporting: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
14 Manage all patient phone calls regarding questions about balances and insurance policy
15 Preparation of data for patient refunds. Data will be supplied to the customer to issue checks to the patients
16 Database updates for all changes to billing codes
17 Assistance in obtaining prior authorizations where required by insurance
18 Prepare, submit and follow up on all necessary credentialing activities

“Prices staring from as low as 3% of collections”


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