Why MindGenix
Medical Billing

  • Incorrect or no eligibility verification
  • Updating changes to medical billing
  • Denials
  • Cost of collections
  • Downward profitability trend
  • Backlogged AR
  • Staffing challenges
  • Medical Billing

    Spending less for more collections : Our medical billing services are focused on your bottom-line. Also, Confirming eligibility and verifying benefits consumes a massive amount of time. And if done wrong, the patients lose. So, we get the basics right to ensure that what follows will also be right.

    Enrollment and credentialing are critical parts to a successful medical billing operation. our experts keep 100% track of which forms need to be completed, by whom and when. We maximize efficiency.

    Medical Billing

  • Elimination of extra billing staff at client end— Save $25,000+
  • Hence no Health Insurance & Benefits — Save $10,000+
  • Savings on Billing Computer Software & Hardware — Save $2,500+
  • Savings on Training & Regulatory Compliance — Save $5,000+
  • You will have an account manager all to yourself. Therefore, you’ll deal with ONE person to address any questions or concerns.

    Receive professional patient statements at your convenience.

    Become more efficient, productive and eliminate wasted expense.