MindGenix Software
Medical Billing

Patient Registration :

This module contains registration of Outpatient with demographic details, Referring doctor, search or query by patient, printing of stickers, Printing of ID Cards with bar code or interfacing with smart card or fingerprint equipment.

Appointments Schedule :

This module has functions like allocation of appointments for individual consultants based on timings with intervals and allotment of appointment for different procedures like ultrasound; echo etc both at the terminal and through web.

Out Patient Billing :

This module includes billing for registration, consultation (multiple consultants), outpatient procedures such as lab, x-ray, echo, daily collection report, referring doctor wise reports and many other features.

Reporting :

Reporting module uses standard templates for various types of diagnosis along with picture captured from medigrab and impression details. Report can be printed, e-mailed or written to a compact disc.